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SoMo is Your Social Distancing Destination.

There is no doubt that South Mobile County is the place to be every summer. Although summer 2020 will look a little different in comparison to the “typical” summer in SoMo, there are still plenty of reasons to come visit your favorite beach, and birds! With smaller crowds, tons of outdoor adventures and the most breath taking sunsets you have ever seen, Dauphin Island and its surrounding villages are a truly safe paradise. Check out a few ways to cautiously enjoy your summer in SoMo!

  1. With over 17 miles of white sandy beaches, Dauphin Island is the best place to get that perfect tan you were looking for and remain at least 6 feet in distance from others!

  2. More than 180 miles of bike trails throughout South Mobile County provide enough out door adventure for even the most avid biker!

  3. With only a little more than 1200 full-time residents, our “Mayberry on the beach” has plenty of room for residents and guests to safely enjoy local restaurants and bars.

  4. 65 acres of botanical beauty supplies guests with more than enough room to safely navigate through the nationally admired gardens at Bellingrath Gardens and Home.

These are just a few ways to enjoy a safe and responsible vacation to the Sunset Capital of Alabama! Add countless kayaking opportunities, bird sanctuaries and fishing spots, and your socially responsible adventure will never end in South Mobile County.


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