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5 Can’t Miss Summer SoMo Traditions

As we eagerly await the ability to safely celebrate summer days filled with sunshine and salty air on Dauphin Island, we are depending on shared pictures of sunsets, food dishes and waves rolling to shore, to satisfy our Dauphin Island cravings.

Until we are able to safely travel and visit our favorite piece of paradise here are some Island traditions to look forward to!

Summer Sunsets. There are few things more breathtaking than the view from the Sunset Capital of Alabama. The best part is you can catch a summer sunset every evening after 7:00 pm all summer long.

Evening bike rides. Nothing goes better with a day of beaching on Dauphin Island than an evening bike ride throughout the trails and neighborhoods enjoying the summer breeze and local camaraderie.

Salt Water and Sandy Beaches. It is important to continue to stay healthy after the current pandemic begins to die down which is why the Doctor ordered a big dose of Vitamin Sea!

Island Cuisine. It doesn’t matter if you are in search of homemade pizza, perfectly prepared seafood or your favorite sweet treat; the restaurants on Dauphin Island are prepared to satisfy all of your post-quarantine cravings. Plus, a couple island-inspired beverages accompanying your meal is certain to result in absolute pleasure!

Ideal R&R. Although we are all excited to catch up and share stories from quarantine, the true reason Dauphin Island is a gem is its ability to provide the rest and relaxation we need!

It won’t be long until our days are once again filled with the beauty that is Dauphin Island. Until then, check out our Facebook page and Instagram every time you get a little homesick.


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