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Snapper Season in October. Who Would’ve Thought?

Red Snapper, one of the most beloved fish on the Gulf Coast, has created a landmark for tourism in the heart of South Mobile County. From May to July, and just recently October, Red Snapper are harvested by the millions and served to much of the Gulf Coast.

Seared, Blackened, Baked, Crumb-Coated, or however you do it, Red Snapper has been a trademark fish to devour.

Not only do they taste exceptional, but the fight is also just as fun, leaving Red Snapper fishing some of the finest fishing there is. Many Charter boats and deep-sea fishers embark on their journey right from our home, Dauphin Island, Alabama. The fish alone brings thousands of visitors from close and far in search of the big catch and to enjoy a day in the deep blue waters of SoMo. But most notably, the extended season for private fishers to reel in on the savory fish has benefited SoMo amidst all of 2020’s troubles.

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) says the 2020 season remains open until the quota is met for this year, that is until 88,385 more pounds of snapper are harvested according to Outdoor Alabama, which would reach the total goal of 1,122,662 lbs of Red Snapper. The extended season is one of the more positive things to happen to the Gulf Coast, as Florida is making preparations as well to extend their season.

Dominated by Mother Nature’s storms this hurricane season, private anglers look at the last couple of chances to cash in on the big fish.


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