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SoMo’s Perfect Beach Day

As you prepare to travel down AL-193 headed towards the great barrier island of Dauphin Island, you may be wondering how to execute your “perfect beach day.” Let’s be real, any day in the sand sounds like a perfect day, but let us illustrate a flawless beach day in SoMo for you. Where adventure comes naturally, there is plenty of opportunities to make memories.

Photo Creds: Drone Alabama

Prepare for a sunny journey like no other. With miles of shoreline and a handful of public beach access points such as the East End perched up to Fort Gaines, the salty blue lagoon that neighbors Sand Island, the popular Public Beach that is wedged between Sand Island and condominiums, or the beautiful West End, there is no wrong choice of beach. Each beach provides its own unique vibe of Dauphin Island and creates a day worth visiting. Make sure your activities include collecting loads of sand dollars and seashells, snorkeling, and good music. Taking a dip in the saltwater, walking miles of sandy shores, and soaking in the crisp sun all make the perfect beach day. It is up to you to leave Dauphin Island with salty hair, tan lines, and a smile on your face.

But just as you think hours on the beach are enough, the Island has more in store for you. Island fan favorites like Island Rainbow and Foxy’s Waffle Bar & Sugar Den provide the perfect cure to your sugar tooth. Or if you want to sit down and enjoy some cool air with a great meal, the Island is home to restaurants that provide Gulf Seafood and good times (Dority’s, JT’s Sunset Grill, Islanders, Pirates Bar and Grill and Miguel’s Beach n Baja just to name a few).

It is quite easy to enjoy your day at Dauphin Island, and what you think is “perfect” is up to you, but saltwater, sand, and sun are certain to make the list. The Island is full of restaurants, stores, and is even home to a mini-golf course for you competitive people that can’t take a day off. Don’t let the heart of SoMo slip away, go where adventure comes naturally.

P.S. If you stay long enough you’ll see why Dauphin Island is deemed “Sunset Capital of Alabama”!


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